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Let’s Not Start At The Very Beginning…Let’s Dive Straight In To The Good Stuff

The final stage of healing is using what happens to you to help other people. I’m not saying I’m all healed up and perfect. Growth is for life. Trauma has layers. And we all experience trauma. What I am saying though, is that when we share we connect. And when we connect, we heal. My…

Nutty about Adrenaline

My eldest is allergic to peanuts. From the numerous tests she has been through, it’s probable she is mildly allergic to a few other nuts too. We don’t really know or experiment. We avoid all nuts. What we do know is that she is super allergic to peanuts. Like scary allergic. Throat closing, airways restricting,…

Dear 4am……We Must Stop Meeting Like This

We’ve got quite the routine going on in this ‘new normal.’ Wake up, kids do some work first thing (to get it out of the way) and I exercise. They have breakfast, I have a coffee. (I intermittently fast until midday most days, something I’m sure I’ll write more on another time. My love for…

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