Now this is a story all about how
My life got flipped-turned upside down
And I’d like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I may have been silent before but now it’s my time to share

In the East of London I was born and raised
Our ground floor flat was where I spent most of my days
Mama working hard, life for her wasn’t all bliss
But don’t dare say my home was broken you can give my fat ass a kiss

If I lay it all out how you gonna step to me
I’m grown, got no patience for the third degree
I now know who I am there’s no doubt
And best believe, I’m not afraid to shout

What I’ve learnt is that you must be broken inside
To try and convince the world
I’m evil and they’re blind
That they can’t see who I really am
A faker, crap talker, only in it for the scam

Yet I’m one of the strongest people I think I know
I’ve been through hella shit and I still glow
I’m filling my life with love and that good vibe
I’m surrounded by positivity and got the most amazing tribe

So yes he hit her and yes I saw it with my eyes
But what’s worse is for so many years I believed the lies
That I couldn’t love or be loved because I didn’t grow up with his
When truthfully it’s not me that doesn’t know what love is

Emotionally, mentally and physically done
It’s never dark forever here comes the sun
Cutting that cord brought me back to be
Never thought I could grow this much, I’m so proud of me
No hate in my heart, I’ve forgiven because it set me free
Maybe one day you’ll wake up and also see

I could complain to the world that it isn’t fair
But what I’m really seeing is that this isn’t so rare
How many people have their character defamed
With lies and abuse, you should be so ashamed

So I’m going to love, be free and live so full
Dance and then dance some more I can feel the pull
I’m finally there, I can own it oh damn
And sit on the throne of my life as the Queen that I am

For anyone that’s been to the bottom. That’s where growth is. Rise from the dust. And be the amazing you that you are capable of. Anything is possible.

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If I lay it all bare, what can you say?

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